Beyond the Shows: Product introductions from flooring firms not exhibiting at Surfaces or Domotex - Jan 2019

By Jessica York


Multiple shows are available each year for flooring firms to show their products, including Surfaces and now Domotex USA. While many firms choose to attend these shows, some do not. Shaw’s Anderson Tuftex and US Floors brands will be exhibiting at Surfaces; however, the Shaw brand will showcase its products through its regional dealer conventions. Though Del Conca USA, Mirage Floors, Seneca Millwork and Metroflor won’t be at the shows, they’re all introducing new products this winter.

Shaw Industries will unveil new collections in its Anderson Tuftex and US Floors brands at both Surfaces and its Connect 2019 show in Anaheim, California. However, the Shaw brand will only be represented at Shaw’s regional trade shows.

Shaw highlights from 2018 include the official rollout of its Bellera carpet collection in May. It also achieved carbon neutrality in its commercial carpet operations and completed construction on a cogeneration Combined Heat & Power (CHP) plant at its Columbia, South Carolina fiber production facility.

For 2019, Shaw will debut its Caress nylon collection in nine new styles. Shaw will relaunch its Anso Colorwall display under a new name, Color That Speaks to You. The display redesign will hold all of the new introductions which includes 60 novel solids, 60 textured tonals and 18 textured accents. Shaw will also expand its collections to include LifeGuard Spill-proof Backing.

The Bellera collection will be expanded to offer more SKUs with upgraded styling. The unique makeup of the product comes from its level cut loop pattern using PET face fiber, which has traditionally been used in cut pile. The new introductions will feature lighter colors. According to Shaw, its biggest attraction is still its softness, along with the durability of its high-performance stain- and soil-resistant fiber. Bellera carpet is impervious to water and is “backed by blue” with its trademarked light blue Lifeguard backing system. The products feature Shaw’s ten-year unlimited warranty.

Shaw will unveil hardwood collections, including Floorté Hardwood, a hybrid product with a real wood veneer wear surface and a waterproof SPC core. Additionally, Shaw will expand its Repel water-resistant technology with the launch of Repel Hardwood and the expansion of its Repel laminate line.

Mirage will add a new texture and DuraMatt finish to its White Oak Natural hardwood. The new brushed texture conceals scuffs and marks, giving White Oak Brushed Natural, combined with DuraMatt, a silky matte finish. White Oak Brushed Natural is also available in Carousel from Mirage’s Sweet Memories collection, a combination offering sleek cream colors. Both collections come in widths ranging from 4’ 1/4” to 7’ 3/4.”

In addition to the brushed texture, Mirage will also add the engraved texture to its Admiration collection in Charcoal, Rio, Savanna and Isla colors. While the Brushed Oak surface conceals scuffs and marks, Engraved Maple offers color and texture variations. Both textures can be combined with a DuraMatt finish and are available in the Admiration collection in widths ranging from 4’ 1/4” and 6’ 1/2.”

Metroflor will introduce a new LVT collection, a retailer display for wall products and solid polymer core product. The Déjà New LVT collection, made with Attraxion Magnetic Attachment Technology, allows for rapid installation without locking systems or adhesives, and it features three different planks and tiles with alternating colors and borders. A 20 mil wearlayer and a 2.5mm gauge will make Déjà New with Attraxion suitable for healthcare, hospitality, retail, education, corporate and multifamily. 

Metroflor’s Engage Inception solid polymer core is designed as an entry-level, multi-layered flooring product for multifamily, residential and commercial environments. Engage Inception is 100% waterproof and highly resistant to temperature changes and indentations, making it suitable for wet floors. Engage Inception will come in wearlayers ranging from 6 mil to 20 mil.

Verçade Wall Fashion, in a 36” wide display, will enable flooring retailers to showcase wall sale and installation services in a small space. Brochure holders and storage compartments in the shape of a tile will showcase the scale and thickness of the product. Verçade Wall Fashion, a division of Metroflor Corporation, offers rigid core planks and rectangles in wood, stone and tile visuals.

Seneca Millwork will debut its collection of four different hardwood stair tread styles, SignatureEdge. The square nose style features a 90-degree angled front edge, while the eased edge style has a top front edge with a 3/16” radius and rounded appearance. Additionally, the single chamfered edge style has a 45-degree angled edge on the top front edge of the tread, and the double chamfered edge has a 45-degree angled edge on both the top and bottom of the front of the tread. All treads are 1’ 1/16” thick and 11 1/2” deep.

Del Conca will introduce a new oversized slab and an exterior paver product. The oversized Del Conca slab comes in 120cm x 260cm and features marble, metal look and industrial effects. Del Conca’s exterior paver, Tre3, is 30mm thick and offered in Negro, Grigio and Beige colors.

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