Season One Product Preview: Rollouts center on eye-catching style and new and improved technology, as supply chain issues temper quantity – Jan 2022

By Jennifer Bardoner

This time of year is an exciting one for the residential and mainstreet sectors, with many manufacturers centering breakthrough launches around the Surfaces trade show. Supply chain challenges will continue to constrain aspects of production and supply, but development has not slowed down. In fact, with so much upheaval in the industry due to unprecedented consumer demand, the exit of Stainmaster and the rise of technology at every point of the development and buying process, this year should be especially exciting.


Shaw Industries’ November announcement of a $400 million expansion to its residential fiber plant in Aiken, South Carolina represents the single largest organic investment in the company’s 50-plus-year history. It also offers a hint at Shaw’s biggest focus for Q1. 

“That investment is our commitment to remain the market leader in residential carpet,” says Herb Upton, vice president of residential product and channel management. “Carpet has reawakened over the last couple of years.” 

Among the company’s soft surface releases for early 2022, Upton notes two in particular: the expansion of Shaw Floors’ popular Simply the Best and Pet Perfect/Pet Perfect Plus lines of residential carpet. Simply the Best, a performance-based PET line introduced in 2019, offers homeowners affordability at roughly $18 to $27 per square yard, while Pet Perfect seeks to stand in the gap created by the sale of the Stainmaster brand to Lowe’s last year.

With Stainmaster one of the most consumer-recognized brands due to its extensively marketed durability, many in the industry are unveiling alternatives based around the same performance metrics-and marketing model. “It’s not going to be ingredient-based branding, it’s going to be performance-based branding,” Upton says regarding Pet Perfect and Pet Perfect Plus, which will now be made using both Anso nylon 6 and high-performance PET. “That’s a big change for our company, because we’ve been nylon-centric for years,” he says. Shaw’s incorporated R2X technology offers a patented solution for spills, preventing them from penetrating the backing or fiber base, as well as bleach resistance. 

Similarly, the company will be updating its LifeGuard Spill-proof carpet backing through the Anderson Tuftex brand. “Instead of film, we’re using a different polymer technology,” Upton explains. “It still has those same spill-proof properties we have on the film,” he says, referencing the existing LifeGuard technology.

On the soft surface side, Shaw will also be focusing on turning patterned goods into bound area rugs in order to meet the demand created by the rise in hard surface flooring throughout the home. “There are infinite capabilities we didn’t have several years ago,” Upton says, pointing to the company’s recent purchase of Card-Monroe’s Tailored Loop tufting equipment. “We already have styles out in the marketplace with those technologies, but the more we learn about it and have our designers get inspired and match up that inspiration and capability, they’re really coming out with some cool stuff.”

With Shaw increasing the capacity at its LVT plant in Ringgold, Georgia, Upton says it will be the largest LVT plant in North America in terms of volume. But many of the materials for the popular hard surface category are still imported. With supply chain challenges and material shortages causing uncertainty with the category the industry over, many, including Shaw, are limiting the number of resilient products being rolled out in Q1. “We do have new product introductions for all our hard surface brands-Coretec, Shaw Floors and Anderson Tuftex-but when you look at the number of launches, Phase 1 will look different from previous years, and that’s by design, because our goal is to service existing business,” says Upton. The challenges related to availability and delivery of materials have not impacted the design side of things, he adds, and new products can be expected later in the year. “We have a whole team working on diversifying our supply chain, which means diversifying to other countries in southeast Asia as well as onshore,” Upton says.

While Coretec will see enhancements through the expansion of integrated-bevel designs and new colors, the company will unveil 10 new wood and laminate releases under its other hard surface brands. Of particular note, he says, is Anderson Tuftex’s new engineered hardwood line called Joinery. It features 2”x8” inserts that highlight the intersections in a homage to traditional woodworking joinery and which Upton says “really appeals to the affluent buyer.”

“We are 100% focused in on engineered, and that includes both ply core and HDF,” Upton says of the company’s overall hardwood strategy, noting new sliced-face offerings in Shaw Floors, as well.

The industry is always innovating, but every so often, a new technology emerges that sets the stage for a category’s next big evolution. For Mohawk Industries vice president of wood marketing Seth Arnold, that game-changer is the company’s new Signature technology for laminate, which will be rolled out across a select group of products. Arnold points out that recent innovations have largely been about performance, like waterproofing, but, he adds, “The fashion piece, the look, is really what wins the heart.”

Recreating 64 data layers compiled from images of cut wood-in comparison to the previous benchmark of 16-the new Signature embossing process results in hyper-realistic visuals and texture. “It looks like you’re going to get a sliver!” Arnold says. “We’re passing over that plate 64 times, so that you don’t have any pixelation in the embossing.” Combined with the matte finish of laminate, as opposed to the luster that can be evident with resilient products, the result is the most realistic replica of real wood on the market, says Arnold, though he notes, “The repeat will still be there. That’s another barrier that has to be broken. There will be a ten-pattern repeat.”

The Signature technology will be unveiled across Mohawk’s new RevWood Premier line, which pairs an impact-resistant core with the natural strength of laminate for durability and scratch resistance. The line also features the company’s WetProtect waterproofing installation system, which guarantees the product and subfloor against water damage when properly installed. Combined with the line’s pricing, which Arnold says will fall “in the middle of the cost hierarchy,” he anticipates strong demand for the rollout.

Mohawk is also refreshing its hardwood lines, but, he says, “This [Signature technology] will be what people will be talking about.”

The company’s rollouts on the resilient side mirror the focus on photo-realism with RealPlank technology, which offers improved visuals through enhanced embossing patterns and a new “eased bevel or pressed bevel” edge, says Joel Tetreault, vice president of marketing and product development for resilient.

“Those edges, when you see them compared to a painted bevel, it really does look like a wood plank easing down,” says product marketing manager Sadie Brown.

RealPlank will be applied to the Pergo Extreme and SolidTech Plus lines, both of which will see other updates as well. Mohawk is introducing its WetProtect installation system to the resilient category through Pergo Extreme-which will gain ten new styles-and adding an in-house-developed antimicrobial coating, dubbed CleanProtect with Activeguard technology, to the SolidTech Plus and new VersaTech Plus lines.

“This is kind of, in my mind, a rebuilding year,” Tetreault says. “We’re creating a more convincing trade-up story.”

In terms of visuals, expect cleaner aesthetics. “The feedback we’ve heard the last couple of years is that we’re pretty heavy on the rustic side, so I think you will see cleaner looks than we’ve had before,” he says.

On the soft surface side, meanwhile, designs will get more pronounced. “With our introductions for 2022, we’re very focused on elevating style and design,” says soft surface vice president of marketing Denise Silbert, noting research that shows an increased focus on style, design and ease of cleanability over the past year by consumers intending to purchase carpet. “I feel we are seeing that in our sales, with pattern and design especially.”

Leveraging the expansion of recent technology and upgraded equipment across Mohawk’s soft surface lines, its carpet programs will gain new patterns achieved through both color and texture-including a new release in the SmartStrand line that features the company’s new ReCover backing, which is 100% recyclable at the end of its first life due to its polyester content and the complete elimination of latex, Silbert says. Traditionally, she says, pattern has been missing from such hypoallergenic products.

“Quietly” launched just before the start of the year on four SmartStrand products, the ReCover rollout will be measured, with the patterned option one of two new releases for Q1. “We’re making sure we’re getting the product right before we do a full launch. We’re going to take the first half of the year to stay close to the customers who are buying into it,” she says, referencing 450 dealers who are currently offering the product. “Then we will be expanding that with some new products as well as expanding the availability.”

Her division’s focus on patterns will extend to updated marketing, as well, which will seek to create what Silbert calls “pattern destinations” both in-store and online. “We’re doing a brand refresh for Karastan, and a big part of that refresh will be an enhanced shopping destination,” she says, explaining that it will center around select “feature styles” in line with consumer data, as well as larger display samples and a room visualizer to help customers better imagine the products in their home. “I think, historically, people have thought about merchandising as more about in-store, but how we can bring that alive online is another opportunity,” she says.

In October, The Dixie Group announced an overhaul of its wool carpet business targeted at the upper end of the residential market-which is growing. Residential president T.M. Nuckols reports that Dixie’s highest-end brand, Fabrica, which comes in at $40-plus per yard wholesale, is currently outpacing all others in terms of growth.

Citing strong double digits for both Dixie Home and Masland, he says, “Fabrica is up significantly relative to those. That’s a notable shift for us this year. I think there’s an awakening to the types, quality and look of products you can get at the high end of the market, and I think that is finally starting to get a little traction.”

With Dixie’s established access to “the right customers” and its specialized sales team, he sees “tremendous opportunity” aligned with the firm’s new decorative segment, headed by Len Andolino.

In Andolino’s product development room, haphazardly stacked carpet samples stretch nearly clear up one wall along the full length of the room. Peeking out from the melee are vibrant colors and patterns offering homages to their places of origin-India, Africa, China, Europe-as well as Dixie’s big new product push. Leveraging his relationships from decades as an importer, Andolino is overseeing a major addition of imported products to the newly minted 1866 by Masland and Decor by Fabrica lines through roughly 200 new SKUs set to be released between the two this year.

“To get 30 looks, I probably looked at 500 samples,” he says, referencing the new products for 2022, adding, “We are going to Surfaces ready to sit down and do business. We are heavily committed to the inventory. It’s all been ordered.”

Though previously centered around wool, the high-end lines will see the addition of face-to-face polypropylene, “which allows for beautiful pattern at a more moderate price point,” Andolino explains, as well as indoor/outdoor options in UV-stabilized polypropylene. “It’s designed for homes; it just has an added benefit,” he says of the new indoor/outdoor segment. A mix of hand-tufted and woven constructions, all will focus on color and patterns.

“Up to this point there’s been a lot of textured things,” Andolino says. “Now, we’re going to introduce heavily patterned products and heavily colored as well. We’re really going to push that decorative envelope.” While the offerings will be constructed as wall-to-wall, they can be custom fabricated into area rugs.

In its core residential brands, Dixie will “stay committed to nylon,” says Jared Coffin, vice president of product management. Following Stainmaster’s sale to Lowe’s, many manufacturers are seizing the opportunity to transition to lower-cost materials and instead focus on the warranties associated with their replacement products. While Dixie will maintain some polyester offerings, Coffin says there will be 20 to 25 new nylon introductions-both 6 and 6,6-between Dixie Home, Masland and Fabrica this year. Branded as EnVision and comprising a mix of solution-dyed and white dyable, they too will focus on pattern and color, though in a more traditional way. “We’ve done some additional work with cut piles where you really just see the color more,” he says.

Hard surface represents a growing category for the company, which entered that part of the market in 2017. “We’re really investing in hard surface products as well as talent to grow that segment of our business,” Nuckols says.

In light of all the current supply chain disruptions, wood introductions will largely lead the year off, though hard surface vice president Jamann Stepp says a new SPC line out of India will hit in late January. Boardwalk LVT, to be released under the Trucor Floors line, will feature a new Pillowed Edge Profile, which he describes as a pressed, rolled edge, along with a painted bevel for a unique and authentic look.

“We have not developed any new product out of China just based on the cost and uncertainties there,” Stepp adds, noting that domestically sourced rigid core introductions are expected later in the year.

Among the 18 new wood SKUs coming from Asia and Europe, ash is a notable addition. “We’re going to see some more ash in the marketplace,” he says. “I think ash is a much cleaner cousin to oak.”

While staying true to its core hardwood products, AHF Products has begun an aggressive scale-up of its offerings, adding multiple brands, categories and even companies over the past year or so. “In 2021, across all our portfolio companies, we had 57 launches,” says Wendy Booker, vice president of marketing and product development. “In 2022, we’re going to have 71. We have growth plans for all our categories.”

The company’s recognized hardwood collections will see refreshes and complementary offerings added-“We never want to rest on our laurels as it pertains to solid,” Booker says-but much of the company’s focus will be on introductions or additions in other categories.

Of particular note is the expansion of AHF’s proprietary Dogwood technology. Utilizing a process of heat and pressure, it makes hardwood up to 2.5 times stronger, as evidenced by Janka test ratings. While it will eventually be expanded across all of AHF’s brands through the notation of “densified wood” in cases where the Dogwood name isn’t used, Booker notes its Q1 introduction to Hartco.

“That is taking a really unique collection to the independent retail market and a product that’s never been seen in the independent retail market,” she says. “There hasn’t been a lot of innovation in the wood category, beyond some basic visuals, in terms of true performance. Frankly, it performed better than even we thought it would. It performed better than laminate.”

Combined with AHF’s waterproofing technology, it could open up more species for hardwood flooring. “I’ve got a list of nine that worked really well,” says Booker. “We don’t have products developed there yet, but things like yellow birch, white ash, hemlock, Eastern red cedar-those are all products that end up really looking nice and are different from what’s out there.”

With engineered hardwood representing roughly 70% of the total wood flooring market and growing more quickly than solid, she says, AHF has several other related releases scheduled for Q1, including the introduction of engineered to the Bruce brand’s popular Barnwood Living solid hardwood line. Developed in partnership with DIY Network star and builder Mark Bowe, the collection features rustic visuals achieved through a combination of scraping, bandsaw and wirebrushing, which will be applied to the engineered product thanks to new technology at AHF’s Somerset, Kentucky plant. “That is a new capability we didn’t have from an engineered standpoint, and you really don’t see much out in the marketplace,” Booker says.

Another kind of visuals-those of AHF’s Tmbr marketing displays-are also gaining traction and leading to new product releases, she says. Taking cues from “feature destinations” such as Big Sur, the brand and its marketing target Millennial buyers, who represent a growing part of the homebuying market both now and for the future. Launched with an engineered line in 2021, this year will add an SPC collection called Yosemite.

“Expanding the brand is a real focus area,” Booker says. “It will be a big growth area.”

In addition to eye-catching colors and messaging, the sales campaign centers around financial and in-kind partnerships with nonprofits the Arbor Day Foundation and United We Stand, in keeping with the growing trend toward corporate and social responsibility.

Having decided to add domestic LVT production in 2020, Engineered Floors still has a lot of room to grow the category. As the company gets North America’s first Hymmen digital printing line up and running, it will continue sourcing LVT-and also laminate-products as EF beefs up its emerging hard surface portfolio.

“Because of any restrictions that might come from China and limit our assortment, we want to have that laminate,” says vice president of product marketing Mike Sanderson. 

A new category for the company, having been added in 2021, the laminate will be sourced from Europe. The new collections, Wood Tech and Wood Lux, will feature an edge seal that makes the products water-resistant, along with on-trend visuals, hard surface category manager Ana Torrence says. “The latest colors are natural and light with rich embossing,” she says. Combined with EF’s initial 10mm introduction, Woodworks, which is not water-resistant, the new collections (10mm and 14mm, respectively) offer a good, better, best trade-up scenario for EF’s laminate offerings, which Torrence said the company plans to continue expanding.

With New Standard II LVT established as one of the company’s most popular products, according to Sanderson, EF will introduce New Standard Plus LVT, along with additions to the Lifetime LVT line. More introductions to the category are expected later, however, Sanderson says, “We’re never going to move too far away from [soft surface].”

EF’s retail brand, DreamWeaver, which features solution-dyed polyester carpet on the soft surface side, will see some new additions under the DW Select line. Coming in between $14 and $17 per square yard (wholesale), it represents the upper end of the spectrum for Engineered Floors’ soft surface category. Like all DreamWeaver carpet products, it is made using EF’s PureColor technology, which penetrates the fiber, helping it stand up to stains, discoloration and high traffic. But thanks to EF’s TwistX technology, which generates thicker fiber bundles, DW Select’s bulkier profile offers greater design flexibility. An expansion of tea-stained, striated looks will anchor the collection’s new rollouts, Sanderson says. To complement the trend toward hard surface throughout the home, EF recently added the option for area rugs to DW Select.

Through its new products scheduled for Q1, Tarkett is seeking the easy route-for homeowners, that is. Its residential hard surface releases will build upon existing product lines that offer ease of installation.

“While the DIY trend was already there, it grew even stronger when the pandemic came along, so that DIY piece is important,” says Carole Shealy, director of product management and development.

The company’s NuGen line of wood-look rigid LVT will see the addition of larger-size planks, which not only means fewer boards to install but hits on another consumer trend, as well. Plank sizes have been growing for several years as homeowners lean toward a cleaner aesthetic and room sizes expand. In addition to the introduction of 5’ boards, the NuGen XL collection will feature three new designs. “They’re a lot cleaner visuals, not as rustic looking, not as many knots, and in warmer tones, another trend we’re seeing,” says hard surface senior product manager Katie Szabo. The NuGen line can be installed in three-season rooms and does not have to acclimate first, she adds, another benefit for homeowners anxious to make over their spaces. The planks include an attached acoustical backing and utilize click-together technology.

While not as DIY-friendly, Tarkett’s TruTex looselay vinyl sheet flooring features an attached “Beyond Tough” textile backing that allows it to be more easily installed over existing floorcoverings and subfloors. It also offers superior strength, Szabo says, making the product up to 75% more resistant to tears and gouges.

“TruTex is really a differentiating product for us; there are very few textile-backed vinyl sheet products in the market,” she says, adding, “Most other companies, and us too, have a lot of focus on LVT and SPC products, but sheet vinyl is still a large and relevant part of our business.”

TruTex’s AquaGuard technology helps dissipate moisture while remaining resistant to mold-backed by a two-year “no questions asked” guarantee-and the product is certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. “People want to feel like they have products that are clean and healthy for their homes and really easy to maintain,” Shealy says.

The collection-which is manufactured in Quebec, helping to alleviate logistics issues-will gain several on-trend new looks in early 2022. “There are some designs that we don’t have in any other collection: 6” hexagonal tile, encaustic concrete and barnwood parquet,” says Szabo.

TruTex will also receive a refresh in terms of how it’s marketed. “Up until this update, it’s been in its own freestanding display,” she says. “We’re going to be building it into our larger FiberFloor display to get more visibility.”

The company is also launching a new carpet display that contains the Lifetime Style collection. “There are about 30 products on that display, and many of them are either brand new or a modern take on designs that have done well in the past,” says Shealy. Tarkett’s residential carpet offering derives from its October 2018 acquisition of Lexmark.

Surfaces represents the first large-scale industry event in over a year-time which nearly every manufacturer has used to develop new products. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the latest introductions.

NovoCore Q rigid LVT
• up to six times quieter than standard SPC, according to CFL
• multiple layers engineered to block certain sound frequencies
• click-together installation

Gulf Streams/Ocean Cream from the Brocatelle collection
• one of three new area rug styles in Brocatelle, a blend of 70% heat-set Courtron polypropylene and 30% shrink polyester in a face-to-face Wilton construction

Kerman/Brick-Brown-Multi from the Halli collection
• 100% space-dyed polyester area rug cross-woven on Wilton looms

Owen Stone porcelain tile collection
• featured in two finishes: a textured exterior offering and Crossville’s first leather finish
• optional HydroTect antimicrobial and photocatalytic coating for self-cleaning and air purification
• selection of complementary mosaics and trims

Wanderwise porcelain tile collection
• realistically emulates limestone in three neutral colors
• 12”x24” and 6”x24” formats offer opportunity for unique installation patterned options
• suitable for interior floor, wall, backsplash or countertop

Rigid Clay ceramic wall collection
• 12”x24” rectified wall tiles in four desert-inspired colors in both flat and etched formats
• coordinating 1”x3” offset mosaic available in all colors
• proprietary built-in Microban technology eliminates 99% of bacteria on the tile surface

American Olean
Solstice porcelain tile collection
• combines the looks of marble and slate in a greyscale color palette showcasing variation of movement
• extensive size offering: 15”x30”, 4”x8”, 8” hexagon, 2”x2” mosaic and a 5”x30” that can be cut to size
• lattice and herringbone installation patterns available in 4”x8” and 5”x30” sizes
• StepWise technology makes it suitable for outdoor installations

Playscapes wall tile collection
• translucent glaze and undulating surface mimic handcrafted tile
• seven hues reflect today’s color trends while channeling mid-century modernism
• three shapes: 6” arabesque, 4” hexagon and 3”x6” harlequin

Fondamenta colorbody porcelain tile collection
• 12”x24”, 24”x24” and 24”x48” tiles in five monochromatic shades
• complementary 24”x24” geometric decorative tiles available: two shades and one graphic

Rice ceramic wall tile collection
• evokes essence of handmade tile through uneven surfaces and glossy finish
• 6”x6”, 3”x8” and 2”x6” tiles in three neutral colors
• straight edges and integration of nature-inspired decorative tiles against solid color backgrounds allow for creative patterning

Woodland porcelain collection
• 8”x48” planks in wood-look colorbody rectified porcelain
• complementary mosaic available
• three midtone color choices
• for floor or wall

Regatta XL SPC collection
• 60” planks with painted bevel and 20 mil wearlayer
• embossed-in-register European white oak with four color choices
• co-extruded ABA rigid core
• commercial or residential use

Emora ceramic wall tile collection
• collection of four products-Alto, Cumulus, Nimbus and Stratus-inspired by the sky
• neutral color with the complexity of texture

Custom Color engineered hardwood collection
• prefinished engineered hardwood in custom colors
• soy-based adhesive and no added formaldehyde
• can be refinished up to four times
• Janka Hardness Rating of 2,200 lbf (pounds-force)

Drop-lock system for herringbone installation
• one-piece drop-lock system for easy installation, disassembly and replacement

Wall panel installation system
• enables panels to either be screwed onto slats or glued against the wall, without hindering installation of the next panel
• compatible with all materials
• resistant to heat and moisture

Impression LVT collection
• builds upon Kährs’ LVT line with extra-large rigid-core format
• in-register embossing
• larger sizes: 8-2/3”x72” in wood looks and 18”x36” in stone looks
• ceramic coating and 22 mil wearlayer
• 5G click technology and built-in IXPE sound-reducing backing
• residential or commercial use
• can be installed with underfloor heating

Life engineered hardwood collection
• easy-to-clean commercial finish
• waterproof guarantee
• residential or moderate commercial use
• 5G click technology
• color-matched skirtings and moldings

Korlok rigid core additions
• new introductions to Select and Reserve rigid core lines offering mid and dark warm wood tones with clean-lined visuals
• herringbone available
• acoustic backing can reduce noise transfer by 21 decibels
• 5G click technology

Floor and wall profiles
• Simplified selection categories-Original, Expansion, Transition, Ramp, Stair-Nosing, Clip and Wall Protection-with linked shapes, functions, finishes and options
• multiple profile finishes, functions, shapes and installation methods for enhanced design options
• flooring and wall profiles for every surface, including resilient and LVT

White Ash from the Naked hardwood collection
• available in solid and engineered platforms and multiple grades
• finishing process mutes hues for more uniform effect
• multiple gloss levels available

Atmosphere hardwood collection additions
• seven new colors, along with the addition of white ash
• available in solid and engineered platforms and multiple grades
• finishing process adds light veil of color in neutral tones
• multiple gloss levels available

Smithcliffs rigid LVT collection
• HDF core
• CrystaLux Ultra technology protects against scratches, stains and dents
• patent-pending DryLuxe waterproof technology
• pre-attached waterproof backing and patented locking system
• residential or commercial use

Everlife Woodhills engineered hardwood collection
• DryLuxe waterproof technology
• CrystaLux wear-resistant technology
• handscraped top layer
• pre-attached waterproof backing and patented locking system
• residential or commercial use

Prismatic area rug collection expansion
• three new designs: Grey/Seafoam, Grey/Gold and Gold/Multicolor
• handmade from a blend of New Zealand wool and silk-like Luxcelle rayon
• hand-carved accents for added dimension

Loom+ Pop woven tile collection
• scattered parallelograms of differing shades on a plain jacquard fabric of similar color schemes in widened, brighter color selection
• UL-certified dual protection coating system inhibits bacteria and mold
• OEKO-TEX certified to have no harmful substances
• stain-resistant, waterproof and dust-free
• multi-layered EMT core offers dimensional stability
• EPT Shield surface coating provides strong wear resistance
• fray-proof, enabling clean-cut finishing and flexible cutting

Magnetic installation option
• for acrylic-infused engineered wood flooring
• paired with Nydree’s waterproofing technology, ensuring dimensional stability without click hinge or adhesive
• speeds installation by two or three times that of gluedown installation, according to Nydree

• ready-to-use, water-based acrylic for interior applications
• enhances adhesion of mortars to hard-to-bond surfaces, both porous and non-porous, with a single coat
• dries in approximately 15 to 60 minutes
• low odor and zero VOCs
• can be paired with specialized thinsets and membranes for single-source warranty

Ultimate Sound and Moisture Reduction System
• fully warrantied system of subfloor preparation materials (patches, levelers, skimcoats), floor primers, sound and moisture control solutions and flooring adhesives
• can be used with foam and rubber underlayment

Safari King from the Kilimanjaro broadloom collection
• lush cut pile with complex detail and color in a linear animal-like pattern
• for staircases, runners, area rugs or wall-to-wall installations

Elevate from the Signature line
• roller-applied wall adhesive for dryback LVT, with one-step application

Gravity from the Signature line
• roller-applied floor coating for installing floating LVT
• creates an anti-skid surface on the subfloor to eliminate the shifting of vinyl planks and tiles both during and after installation
• does not transfer to the back of the flooring

Locking technologies
• easy-to-install locking technologies for special floor types and formats

• grout imitation technology

• new digital printing and structuring innovations

XPC and P-SPC core technology
• PVC-free material that is dimensionally stable, offering an alternative for mainstream LVT/ SPC
• P-SPC core can be made from recycled materials and is itself recyclable

Brushed composite engineered wood collection
• Woodura hardening process makes floor 3 to 5 times harder than original species, according to the firm
• offers a more tactile feel and enhanced visual look than standard hardened wood flooring
• seven colors of white oak and select grade; two dimensions: 8-1/4”x87” and 10-3/4”x94”
• 5G Dry locking system for a water-resistant installation
• residential application

Class 33 commercial composite engineered wood collection
• treated with Woodura hardening process, plus new top coating achieves a Class 33 rating, suitable for commercial application
• three species: white oak, walnut and ash; two dimensions: 8-1/4”x87” and 10-3/4”x94”
• 5G Dry locking system

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