Coalition Forms to Fight Proposed Tariffs on Chinese Vinyl Flooring

Calhoun, GA, July 24, 2018-A group of vinyl industry representatives are forming a coalition against the implementation of a 10% tariff on certain Chinese imports, including LVT and MLF/WPC, by the Office of the United States Trade Representative; Shaw, Novalis, CFL, Metroflor, the American Chemistry Council and the Vinyl Institut eare early members of the group so far.

Coalitions have proven to be an effective course in fighting against government tariffs.

These proposed tariffs on vinyl flooring products will have a disproportionately negative impact on U.S. consumers and U.S. flooring companies, especially those enjoying benefits from the explosive growth of LVT and MLF, as follows:

 The proposed tariffs will increase cost to the American consumer. Tariffs are assessed on products on imported into the United States. Since the tariffs cannot be fully absorbed by the supply chain, the tariffs will be passed on, in part, to the American consumer, effectively resulting in an unfair, indirect “tax” on the American consumer. American families will pay higher prices for vinyl flooring products.

 The proposed tariffs will lead to fewer and less innovative choices for the American consumer. The tariffs will increase costs and will lead to fewer product choices for the American consumer. The tariffs will also restrict consumer access to the latest in LVT innovation, including developments related to product safety and sustainability.

 The proposed tariffs will lead to American job losses. The proposed tariffs could cause layoffs throughout the supply chain, including at hundreds of flooring companies, distributors, retailers and installers in the United States.

The group is asking individuals and companies who agree that the proposed tariffs on vinyl flooring will disproportionately hurt the U.S. flooring industry and LVT sector specifically, as well as the American consumer and workers to join a conference call on July 25, by notifying Harlan Stone (, 203.299-3107).

Thus far, Shaw, Novalis, CFL and Metroflor as well as the American Chemistry Council and the Vinyl Institute are supporting the effort.

The steel industry has formed a similar union. On July 19, a coalition of steel users urged the U.S. Court of International Trade to knock down the trade law President Donald Trump has used to impose steel and aluminum tariffs, reiterating its claims that the law is unconstitutional.

The American Institute for International Steel, an industry group of importers and downstream users that has challenged the constitutionality of Section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act of 1962, filed a summary judgment motion seeking to immediately halt the enforcement of the administration’s 25% steel tariff imposed earlier this year.

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