Anderson Tuftex Announces Strategy Following Lowe's Stainmaster Acquisition

Dalton, GA, May 4, 2021-Shaw Industries' Anderson Tuftex (A/T) premium brand, announces response to recent news on the sale of the Stainmaster brand. 

Assuring its customers that the style, design, quality and service of all its carpets has not changed, the brand reports it will continue using both internal and external fiber suppliers to manufacture its carpets and custom rugs.

Working closely with customers, the brand will replace existing Stainmaster and PetProtect branding on samples and displays. A/T reports it has already begun developing both online and in-store marketing assets for its own, all-new pet-friendly label. New messaging will drive the momentum of A/T’s in-demand, pet-friendly carpets and custom rugs, designed to meet the performance demands of households with pets without compromising style, color and patterns that are a signature of the brand’s intentional craftsmanship.

Customers are urged to keep existing samples on the floor, as a streamlined and straightforward process for converting samples will be communicated directly by their A/T sales representatives in the coming days. A/T customers will get the opportunity to help build a new, preferred pet-friendly label, specifically for independent retailers across the country.

Shaw has a comprehensive fiber offering of Endurance High Performance PET, Anso nylon and nylon 6,6. The company reports the continuity of its fiber supply is not at risk and customers can have confidence that Anderson Tuftex products will not be negatively impacted.

Shaw assures customers that,

1. A commitment that customers will not see any change in service. 

2. The brand will honor product performance and warranties on all impacted styles.

3. Any marketing or messaging changes will be intentional and transparent.

Tim Baucom, CEO of Shaw, discussed the company's strategy in a FloorDaily audio interview. 

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