Union Workers at AHF's Beverly, WV Plant Vote to Strike

Beverly, WV, February 26, 2024-"Union workers at the AHF Products plant in Randolph County have voted to strike after rejecting a new contract,” reports MetroNews.

“A Sunday night news release from the company said a new tentative contract reached by the company and the bargaining unit of Teamsters Local 175 representing workers at the hardwood flooring plant had been reached but a ‘narrow plurality’ of workers voted to reject the contract and go out on strike.

“The company said the ‘good-faith agreement would result in the largest economic package for workers in the history of the location.’

“The company said the plant would remain open.

“‘The AHF Products Beverly facility remains open, and work is available for any bargaining unit member who wants to work,’ AHF said. ‘The company continues to serve its customers through abundantly available product. Our team stands ready to move forward with the agreement that both sides have already worked successfully to craft.’

“The company and union last had a labor dispute in March 2020.

“The plant has approximately 500 union workers.”

Metro News reports, “The AHF Products plant in Randolph County will remain open following the decision by union workers to reject a new contract and go on strike.

“The ‘good-faith agreement would result in the largest economic package for workers in the history of the location,’ the company said in a news release Sunday night.

“It’s unclear how many members altogether voted on the contract offer, but Loftis said it was a smaller amount of people voting than they thought would show up and that affected the result.

“About 500 union workers make up the plant which does remain open but not at their full-production scale. Loftis said a small number of workers showed up Monday.

“The company said at the moment they have plenty of inventory to service their customers.

“Loftis believes there’s a chance at a revote. He said they have not been approached yet about a potential reconsideration, but he’s hopeful.”

Beverly is the largest prefinished solid hardwood plant in the U.S.

In late 2022, AHF purchased the property on which the plant is located for $7.25 million.

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