Shaw Launches Sound Advisor Tool for Analysis of Room Acoustics

Dalton, GA, August 28, 2018-Shaw has introduced a patent-pending tool to showcase the impact ceiling and floor construction, as well as flooring and underlayment selection, have on room acoustics; known as Sound Advisor, the web-based tool helps specifiers make more informed design and interior product selection decisions.

The tool can be accessed via the following branded sites with additional sites under development:

● Patcraft ( )

● Philadelphia Commercial ( )

● Shaw Contract ( )

● Shaw Floors - Multifamily ( )

Shaw has also developed an hour-long continuing education unit (CEU) that qualifies for one credit from IDCEC as well as AIA. The CEU is also available via sales representatives from all Shaw brands, and Shaw will present a GBCI-approved session at this year’s Greenbuild conference.

Research shows that the constant sounds of everyday life-the hum of an appliance, co-workers talking, music in the background-have a powerful impact on people’s wellbeing. Too much noise can lead to stress, fatigue, lack of focus, anxiety and lengthier healing times. From student apartments and hotels to offices and hospitals, sound can make or break the effectiveness of a building.

Recognizing this gap in the marketplace, Shaw conducted extensive testing to provide an estimated IIC rating based on specific floor and ceiling construction, paired with flooring types and installation methods where underlayment is and isn’t used. This testing produced not only an IIC number but a sound file that allows a user to actually hear the difference.

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