Rick Taylor Named Director of Training for Halstead

Calhoun, GA, April 3, 2019-Halstead International announced the appointment of Rick Taylor to the new position of director of training, supporting all of the LVT leader’s brands including Halstead, Metroflor and Aspecta. 

Located in Norwalk, Connecticut, Taylor will lead all internal and external training programs. 

Taylor assumes his new position after 18 years with Halstead in many areas of the company’s operations, including sales, customer service, technical support and product management, in addition to training. He spearheaded the development of the company’s CEU course “Biophilic Design & Resilient Flooring”, which provides an overview of biophilic design’s basic principles and how resilient flooring specifications can support its expression in commercial design projects. 

As director of training, Taylor will develop and conduct training programs and seminars such as CEU courses as well as new product and installer training programs for the company’s employees and customers.

Taylor will continue his involvement with the company’s Sustainability Council and is a passionate advocate for Halstead’s sponsorship of Save the Sound on the East Coast and the Ocean Blue Project on the west coast, creating awareness of ocean pollution.

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