O'Krent Floors Joins National Flooring Alliance

Chattanooga, TN, May 27, 2021-O’Krent Floors of San Antonio, Texas has joined the National Flooring Alliance (NFA) as its 44th member.

The company, formerly an Abbey dealer, is a 105 year-old business.

Sam O’Krent, owner of O’Krent Floors, explains that the company’s growth led him to seek out an organization that could provide guidance and expertise to the next O’Krent generations working in the business, noting that NFA members carry an obligation to share and help one another, and that commitment was obvious at the recent meeting that O’Krent attended at Barnsley Gardens. 

Business has been very strong for O’Krent’s in 2021, driven both by pandemic demand and the results of the freeze in Texas that broke pipes and, thereby, destroyed floors. Thus far, sales are up 35% over 2019, which was the company’s largest year ever. 

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