NWFA Working to Define Real Hardwood Flooring

Tampa, FL, April 13, 2018-At the National Wood Flooring Association’s (NWFA) Expo and Annual Meeting-wrapping today in Tampa-the organization unveiled several initiatives for 2018, which have been approved by the board, one of which is the its mission to define real hardwood flooring.

Says Michael Martin, CEO of the NWFA, “What we’re seeing in marketplace is kind of disgraceful as far as other products walking a very thin line as well as whether they are calling themselves wood or not, and you know particleboard is not what we consider real wood. It’s been self-evident for most of us forever what a real wood floor is, but now that we all of these other pieces out there trying to compete with wood as wood, we obviously need a definition.”

Bruce Zwicker-retired CEO of Haines, who has been hired to lead strategic planning process-gave a presentation on the organization’s strategy development. The organization also announced its intention to create a new branding program to increase NWFA visibility. 

Pic: Bruce Zwicker leading NWFA strategic session.

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