NWFA Program Identifies Engineered Wood Flooring That Is Refinishable

St. Louis, MO, September 28, 2022-The National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) has launched the NWFA Engineered Wood Flooring Refinishable Program, which identifies engineered wood flooring products with wearlayers thick enough to be sanded and refinished. 

The program certifies real engineered wood floors to aid manufacturers, distributors, specifiers, and end-users in their decision-making processes.

The ability to refinish a wood floor extends its service life, making it a more-sustainable, multi-generational product. The color and sheen can be updated during the remodeling process or to suit the taste of a new homeowner, providing a completely new look.

All types of engineered wood flooring products are eligible to apply to carry the NWFA’s engineered wood flooring refinishable logo. 

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