Novalis to Commence Production Using Unilin Matte Bevel Tech

Waregem, Belgium, June 29, 2023-Unilin Technologies, the IP and technology division of Unilin, has announced that Novalis, a manufacturer of resilient flooring products, will commence production of Unilin's patented Matte Bevel Technology. The technology provides an efficient solution for achieving a matte finish on a beveled edge.

In June 2023, Novalis adopted Unilin's innovative Matte Bevel Technology. There is a rising demand for matte designs, but no suitable options existed for achieving a matte look on a micro bevel. Unilin Technologies’ Matte Bevel Technology offers a more realistic and natural looking bevel machined in the wearlayer of resilient flooring.

One of the key advantages of the Matte Bevel technology is its compatibility with existing milling machines, allowing for efficient production. 

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