Metroflor Hosts 2024 Commercial Summit for Distributor-Partners

Norwalk, CT, April 4, 2024-Metroflor Corporation hosted its distributor-partners during a commercial summit in HMTX Industries’ Norwalk world headquarters March 13 to 14. 

Sustainability took center stage during the Summit, with Metroflor’s certification initiatives including EPDs and HPDs, Declare and JUST social justice labels, and carbon-neutral products explained, along with the efforts HMTX makes to ensure its products are safe, sustainable and responsible.

Metroflor director of design Natalia Smith provided insight into design trends in the commercial sphere that guided the refresh of Metroflor’s flagship Déjà New glue-down LVT collection.

Metroflor’s supply chain was explained by Metroflor president Russ Rogg and inventory manager Luke Serafin, who shared an update on the state of the supply chain and imparted a better understanding of factors affecting ocean freight from Asia and Europe to America. Recent advancements in supply chain logistics included training for “Metroflor Track.” Metroflor’s proprietary system provides distributors online access to monitor status of shipped orders from factories, along with the capability to check Metroflor inventory levels in its Calhoun, Georgia and Compton, California warehouses.

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