Laticrete Unveils Brand Promises Campaign

Bethany, CT, October 11, 2022-Laticrete, a manufacturer of globally proven construction solutions for the building industry, has launched its Brand Promises campaign, a company-wide initiative that builds upon the company’s legacy of research and development of innovative installation products, systems and solutions. The Brand Promises serve as a call-to-action and highlight the company’s six strategic areas of focus: developing innovative solutions, committing to sustainability, enabling iconic design, fostering trust for life, providing the best installer experience and serving customers as family. These promises are the cornerstone of the company’s mission. 

Laticrete Brand Promises 


In 1956, the late Dr. Henry M. Rothberg set a clear standard when he founded Laticrete: to improve upon past construction methods in a safer, smarter way. With the construction industry constantly evolving- presenting new challenges and requirements- Laticrete will continue to seek innovative, long-term solutions for building materials that create new opportunities and improve standards for the industry and jobsites. With architects, designers, installers, distributor and DIY partners in mind, these cutting-edge solutions include safer, easier-to-use products and digital tools to help streamline and support design and installation. 

Committed To Sustainability 

Developing installation solutions that improve the lives of installers and contribute to the sustainability of the industry has been a strong pillar throughout the company’s history. Laticrete will continue to develop the next tier of green innovations that minimize negative impacts on the planet and its people, including color selection tools with reduced packaging and waste, digital tools to help with LEED submittal packages, and more eco-friendly products with low or no VOC content.  

Enabling Iconic Designs 

Laticrete teams and solutions allow designers to unleash their creativity and help contractors make their demanding visions an everlasting reality. As the go-to brand for some of the world’s most iconic projects, the quality of Laticrete products, services and range of offerings ensure that beauty is always met with functionality, durability and safety. 

Trusted For Life 

Trust is the foundation on which any business relationship is built upon and clients seek a partner for trouble-free installations. Laticrete has designed failure-free, comprehensive solutions that take the needs of customers into account-whether it be through system warranties, a dedicated Technical Service team or a Quality Assurance (QA) function. 

Best Installer Experience

Professional contractor needs are constantly evolving-requiring quick access to customer and sales support in order to achieve a fast, safe, hassle-free jobsite experience. In addition to offering lightweight, easy-to-use and low/no VOC products, Laticrete provides a seamless job site experience with outstanding technical service and on-site support that can be accessed at any step of the project, before, during, or after construction. 

Our Customers Are Our Family 

Laticrete partners with all customers and partners to provide a unique experience at every step of their journey. Further, employees and team members from all levels of the organization maintain deep-rooted relationships with their clients, which has resulted in Laticrete, achieving the highest Net Promoter Score (NPS) within its industry in North America. 

Listen to Samantha Rothberg, director of marketing communications for Laticrete, discuss the brand's heritage.

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