Florim Begins Production of Gauged Porcelain in Tennessee

Clarksville, TN, April 4, 2023-With the initial $35 million dollar expansion plan announced over one year ago, Florim USA started the production of gauged porcelain tile with the installation of the latest press technology the Continua+, by Sacmi. 

Continua+ technology transitions tile manufacturing from traditional press or mold production to production capable of flexibility in size and thickness, expanding the number of possible applications. Because of this new technology Florim USA will be able to expand its U.S. production to include sizes 48”x48” and 48”x110”, with thicknesses ranging from 6 mm to 12 mm. This new technology also incorporates state of art digital decoration and surface shine. Gauged porcelain in 48”x110” has traditionally been limited to imports.

Florim USA will now produce this format in its Clarksville, Tennessee factory. 

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