Engineered Floors to Produce LVT in North Georgia

Dalton, GA, August 25, 2020-Engineered Floors has made the decision to initiate domestic LVT production in its Seretean facility, utilizing the latest and most innovative manufacturing equipment available. A complete revitalization of the 1.2 million square foot facility will not only drastically reduce lead times but also allow for the necessary flexibility to expand in the future.

“Our carpet manufacturing model is to have a large operation which allows for efficient product flow and minimize work in process inventory in the facility,” said Robert E. Shaw, chairman abd CEO. “The Seretean facility will certainly permit that model to be executed with our LVT production.”

The domestic production of Engineered Floors' best vinyl plank flooring in Borth Georgia will provide unique opportunities for research and development, design, and quality assurance bringing a new level of excellence to the hard surface arena. 

In a recent interview with Floor Focus, Shaw said of manufacturing LVT domestically, "You don’t have to be first. What you have to do is make sure you don’t damage your reputation by having bad quality."

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