EF Focuses on Integrating Beaulieu Group Asset Purchase

Dalton, GA, November 15, 2017-Now that Engineered Floors (EF) has finalized its purchase of Beaulieu America (BA), it is in the process of determining the integration of BA's personnel, as well as physical and intellectual property assets and brands for its continued growth. The company will make announcements over the next few months regarding these decisions.

“Right now, we’re focused on minimizing the impact Beaulieu’s bankruptcy and this acquisition has on the people and the community in North Georgia,” said James Lesslie, executive VP of sales and marketing for Engineered Floors. “We are placing as many former Beaulieu associates as we can and assessing the best use of the various offices and facilities here. We want the floor covering community to emerge from this chapter stronger than ever before.”

Beaulieu of America opened in the mid ‘70s and grew to become the third-largest carpet manufacturer in the United States, with annual sales approaching $1 billion at the start of the recession in 2008. The company then shortened its name to Beaulieu America and broadened its product offerings to include hard surfaces. At the same time, its specified commercial division, Bolyu, began gaining the attention and respect of the architectural and design community.

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