AHF Products to Acquire LM Flooring

Lancaster, PA, May 22, 2019-AHF Products has announces that it will acquire LM Flooring, a Shanghai based importer of engineered hardwood flooring products, with closing expected within 30 days.

LM, a division of Fine Furniture, Ltd., has production facilities in China and Cambodia, and imports engineered hardwood flooring designed to match the market's demand for: wide width, long length, sliced, sawn and textured constructions. 

LM Flooring serves a diversified portfolio of customers across the globe, including North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. LM Flooring manufactures product in a facility in Sihanoukville, Cambodia. This facility will continue to service the U.S. market with high-styled and quality products. One of LM largest customers in the U.S. is the Bravo Group of distributors.

“Plans include immediate expansion of the Cambodian facility to service exceptional demand from the U.S. market,” says Brian Carson, AHF Products’ president and chief executive officer.  

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