AHF Introduces Hydropel Waterproof Wood w/ Fiberboard Core

Mountville, PA, September 6, 2019-AHF Products introduces Hydropel, a waterproof, 100% hardwood flooring product from Bruce, bringing together the beauty of hardwood floors, waterproof protection, durability and the ease of [DIY-friendly] installation.

Hydropel is an engineered hardwood infused with proprietary technology to resist water for up to 36 hours so that it can be installed anywhere, in any room of the home. This addresses areas where there are spills and splashes, such as kitchens, bathrooms, basements, mud rooms and entryways. 

Hydropel is built with a unique core technology which AHF Products has termed ultra-high density fiberboard. This construction is denser and more water resistant than typical plywood or high-density fiberboard cores. Many other water-resistant engineered hardwoods utilize a plastic core, which is prone to buckling in direct sunlight. The density of Hydropel enables an extremely fine milling tolerance that seals the edges after installation and protects against everyday spills, wet moping or even pet accidents from absorbing into the wood or leaking between planks into the subfloor. A premium performance coating protects the hardwood from scratches, scuffs, and stains and even indentations, for a lifetime of durability. And Hydropel’s angle locking system makes it easy to install because of its large and wide locking profile; no glue or nails are required. 

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