Rohnert Named President & CEO of Florim USA

Clarksville, TN, December 6, 2005--Mike Rohnert is appointed to the position of President of Florim USA. As announced by Florim Group Chairman Claudio Lucchese, the appointment is effective immediately. Rohnert joined the company in August 2004 as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. He replaces outgoing president Mirco Migliari who recently left to pursue other opportunities. Chairman Lucchese of Italy was in Clarksville, Tenn., on Wednesday, November 30th to personally tell the Florim USA management team the news of Rohnert’s promotion. Florim USA, a wholly owned subsidiary of Italy’s Florim Group since 2000, is a leading domestic tile manufacturer. As part of the Florim family, Florim USA is aligned with world-renowned tile brands Floor Gres, Cerim, Rex and Casa Dolce Casa. According to Lucchese, the appointment of Rohnert to the presidency reflects the ongoing corporate commitment to building Florim USA to uniquely serve the American market. “In the last years, we have named several Americans to positions of leadership in Florim USA,” Lucchese stated. “Now we have Mike Rohnert as President…he is the right person to lead this company today.” Certainly, Rohnert’s presidency heralds an important new era for Florim USA--an era in which the company is blending American management and Italian tile expertise unlike ever before. As the Florim Group maximizes its collective resources, Florim USA is notably benefiting from the technical knowledge, advanced product development and cutting edge Italian design of its parent corporation. Additionally, Florim USA is in the midst of unprecedented renovations to the plant; new equipment and technology are being installed to bring the Clarksville plant to the forefront of modern tile production capabilities. “We are investing not only in our facilities but in our people,” Rohnert told the management team on Wednesday. “We have been successful--and will continue to be--because of the talent and dedication of our people…and you will be my first priority.” Florim USA is the maker of the nationally distributed Esquire, American Florim, Classic and Finale brands of tile. The company employs approximately 380 people at its ISO-certified porcelain tile manufacturing facilities in Clarksville, Tenn. Florim USA is committed to using nature’s resources responsibly through its Environment: Priority One program.

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