Project Spotlight: Curb Records: Magnetic flooring proves an ideal solution for a Nashville record studio – Oct 2019

By Jessica Chevalier

Housed in a storied location along Nashville’s historic Music Row, Curb Records’ headquarters was in need of an interior transformation that would both be respectful of the building’s roots and bring it into the modern era-while creating little disruption within the bustling workplace.

The location, commissioned by Capitol Records in the late 1990s, was constructed for Garth Brooks. Though the artist never ultimately moved in, the space has come to be known as “the house that Garth built.” Curb Records purchased the building in 2016 and felt strongly that it should appeal to the young professionals working there. Renovation of the building’s second and third floors included paint, flooring and furniture across office, sitting room and boardroom spaces.

KW Design Solutions, which oversaw the renovation, honed in on Metroflor’s Déjà New LVT with Attraxion Magnetic Technology, licensed from Magnetic Business Solutions, as an apt solution in the space for its ability to be installed quickly and with relatively little interruption to the office workflow. Ultimately, the team specified 30,000 square feet of the flooring in a white-washed grey called Nordic Haze. The installation went off without a hitch, and Curb was enjoying its transformed headquarters when something unexpected occurred.

In February 2019, after the flooring had been installed, Nashville received 13.5” of rainfall, the seventh wettest month in the city’s history. The roof of Curb’s headquarters leaked, and the newly installed flooring was impacted by water damage. However, the magnetic flooring system made cleanup and recovery easy and efficient. In the affected areas, the installation team simply pulled out the LVT and underlayment, allowing it to dry out while the roof leaks were being fixed. The flooring was then reinstalled, quickly, cleanly and with no loss of product.

The ease of installation and replacement has not gone unnoticed by the Curb executive team. Says Ryan Dokke, senior vice president/general manager of Curb–Word Entertainment, “I love what [this flooring system] allowed us to do with this project and what it will allow us to do in the future, and I love how versatile the product is.” The executive also points to the system’s odor-free nature as a significant advantage in an active office space renovation. “This product is the future,” he says.

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