Metroflor Expanding Distribution Partnerships with Four Firms

Norwalk, CT, January 14, 2016—Metroflor Corporation announced that effective January 1, Herregan Distributors, Apollo Distributing, William M. Bird and Company and Ohio Valley Flooring all expanded their service areas for Metroflor LVT products.

Herregan Distributors has been granted distribution rights for the entire state of Michigan for the LVT manufacturer’s core brand portfolio: Aspecta, Engage, Konecto, and Metroflor LVT. In addition, Metroflor has put into place a redistricting plan in the Mid-Atlantic region that will better align its distribution network with dealers.

In business for 50 years, the Eagan, Minnesota-based Herregan Distributors serves 12 states throughout the Midwest. The entire Michigan region will be served by Herregan sales manager Wally Bushie, currently managing the Chicago marketplace. The company plans to open a stocking warehouse in the state.

In the Mid-Atlantic region, the following distributors expanded their footprint for Aspecta, Engage, Konecto, and Metroflor LVT with split-state coverage in Pennsylvania, Tennessee and West Virginia: Apollo Distributing Co.—new territory in Pennsylvania, whole-state coverage in Delaware and New Jersey; Ohio Valley Flooring—new territory in Pennsylvania and West Virginia; William M. Bird & Co.—new territory in North Carolina in addition to existing territory in North Carolina and Tennessee; and Southern Tile Distributors—new territory in West Virginia, whole-state coverage in Maryland/Washington, D.C. and Virginia.

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