Laticrete Celebrates 50th in Capri

Bethany CT, November 15, 2006--Laticrete International, Inc., celebrated 50 years of industry leading expertise by hosting a special event to express its gratitude to clients and business partners worldwide prior to Cersaie, the annual ceramic tile exhibition in Bologna, Italy. During the three-day celebration (Sept. 23-26), Laticrete business partners from around the world gathered to celebrate the firms 50 years of innovation, and were treated by Laticrete to a trip to the Isle of Capri for the grand finale. Located just off the west coast of Italy, Capri is one of most spectacular destinations in the world, and for two days the Laticrete business family basked in its elegance. Laticrete guests stayed at the five-star Grand Hotel Quisisana. The highlight of the event was a traditional five-course Italian dinner just steps from Capri’s famous Piazetta at Villa Verde. Dinner was immediately followed by a high-energy celebration that lasted deep into the night at the Aneme e Core nightclub. After 50 years, Laticrete continues as a global leader in its field, with factories, representatives and distributors in over 65 countries around the world. Founded in 1956 by Dr. Henry M. Rothberg, the firm remains committed to the principles which have led to its success. Laticrete is rooted strongly in family and committed to building long-lasting business partnerships around the world. “The Capri experience was truly remarkable,” said Tim Tan, representing Concrete Connections PTE Ltd of Singapore. “Attendees got a chance to feel the true sense of the ‘spirit of Laticrete.’ Coming from the tiny nation of Singapore, we feel privileged to be part of a global ‘family’ company that brings people together and shares its many years of knowledge, experience, integrity, professionalism and camaraderie. This is very hard to find in today’s construction world. This experience makes us want to understand the ‘Laticrete Way’ more deeply, and to spread it widely.” Perhaps at no point has the “spirit of Laticrete” been more profound than during the late night festivities that concluded the Capri event. Laticrete CEO, David Rothberg, delivered a dramatic speech dressed as a classic Roman legionary, which was a big hit with all in attendance. He was joined on stage by his brother and co-owner, Henry B. Rothberg, for a champagne toast to what he referred to as the “Laticrete Empire.” In addition, their father, Dr. Rothberg himself took the podium and delivered a classic speech which received thunderous applause. “The owners of Laticrete are so close to you,” said Morten Gaarud, representing Laticrete Norge AS. “The hierarchy is almost non-existent. And what made the Capri event so special was how well it was organized. Everything from the boat trips to the wine selection, to the perfect hotel we stayed in. Excellent accommodations always make for a perfect stay.” Laticrete International, a world-leader in the manufacturing and marketing of installation systems for ceramic tile and stone, now celebrating 50 years of innovation from its humble Connecticut roots, has the vision of one man and the dedication of thousands to thank for its continued success. “Dr. Henry Rothberg personifies the American dream,” said David Rothberg. “The son of an immigrant, who worked his way through university as a tile setter in rural South Carolina, then founded a world beater of a manufacturing firm. He was helped along the way by innumerable “good people” who gave him an order when it made the difference between eating or not. And while others have sold out, “gone corporate,” and forgotten their roots, the Rothberg family works hard every day to earn and keep the confidence placed in them.”

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