HMTX Formed as Umbrella for Metroflor, Halstead & Other Brands

Norwalk, CT, June 3, 2019-HMTX Industries, a $700 million global flooring supplier, has been formally established to bring its existing family companies-Halstead, Metroflor, Teknoflor, Aspecta and Vertex-together under one roof for the first time.

As a fourth generation, privately-owned company, uniting its signature brands under this new singular entity is intended to help capture and convey the shared vision, values and spirit of each of its member companies.

The HMTX family of companies each of which will continue to operate their respective businesses as usual, is comprised of these five towers:

· Halstead, a supplier of luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and vinyl plank flooring (VPF) to The Home Depot in both the U.S. and Canada

· Metroflor, the signature residential brand for HMTX in North America, representing a large assortment of LVT 

· Teknoflor, a manufacturer and distributor of high-performance flooring products focused on healthcare and institutions

· Aspecta, a high-end global contract brand for architects and designers

· Vertex, the foundation of the international supply chain for HMTX

As part of the leadership team assembled by HMTX, Rochelle Routman will serve as the company’s chief sustainability officer, John Henkel will serve as chief financial officer, and Tiffany Davis will serve as director of corporate communications.

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