Halstead/Metroflor Creates Nonprofit to Raise Funds for Addiction Disorders

Calhoun, GA, August 8, 2018--Halstead/Metroflor has created an Addiction Crisis Team and a nonprofit organization to raise funds for combatting the addiction epidemic decimating individuals and their families nationwide. The goal is to provide rehabilitation “scholarships” to families who otherwise would not be financially able to help save their loved ones suffering from Substance Addiction Disorders (SADs). 

The Halstead/Metroflor Addiction Crisis (HMAC) Team intends to raise $500K over the next two years through a “Save an Addict. Save a Family” Go Fund Me page and other activities, which will be matched dollar for dollar by Halstead/Metroflor for a total goal of $1 million.

Said Metroflor’s vice president of business development Paul Eanes, who is spearheading the initiative, “We have turned our efforts to this cause because it not only affects the individual suffering from SADs, it ultimately can tear apart the entire family.” Eanes knows from personal experience the destructive results of addiction to families. “One of my daughters became an alcoholic two years ago. Fortunately, we were financially able to send her to seven months of rehab, and she is on the road to recovery. However, the wounds that the entire family suffered from are still there, and every day is a slow step in the right direction.”

Some SAD facts from the Blanchard Institute, a treatment provider offering family-focused, comprehensive and individualized programs for substance use disorders:

° In 2017, nearly 70,000 lives were lost due to addiction disorders, whether it be opioids, heroin, cocaine, meth, alcohol, etc. -- more than the combined deaths from AIDS, car wrecks and gunshot victims

° Of adults ages 18-25, one in five now suffer from opioid addiction or other SADs

° Costs to society include $130 billion in lost productivity, $20 billion in healthcare, and $40 billion for drug control.

° Employers in the flooring industry are experiencing major trouble finding and retaining employees because of the magnitude of the problem

° In addition to the costs to society, entire families suffer along with the addict: from the destruction of the addict’s health, to the torment that the family goes though emotionally and financially, and if untreated, the death of the loved one

In partnership with The Blanchard Institute, Halstead/Metroflor is committed to raising the fully tax deductible $1 million in donations through a 501c3 partnership with “Faith in Four: Recovery, Prevention, Education and Treatment." Contributions will fund scholarships to rehabilitation facilities for those in need who cannot otherwise afford treatment, to the following organizations:

The Blanchard Institute, Charlotte, NC
Damascus Road Recovery, Covington, GA
Genesis Ministries, Kennesaw, GA
Hope House, Port Jefferson, NY

Said Eanes, “Given that the typical insurance deductible cost to families for addiction rehabilitation is $8,000, the HMAC team hopes to reach the goal of $1 million to provide scholarships for 125 families. In theory that could save 125 lives and 125 families!”

To support this cause and for more information, visit Halstead/Metroflor’s “Save an Addict. Save a Family” GoFundMe page or contact us at: HMAC@metroflorcorp.com

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