Florim USA Completes Plant Conversion

Clarksville, TN, February 14--Florim USA completed the conversion of its plant to 100% porcelain production on February 9, ahead of projected schedule. The plant is now producing only porcelain body products, including conversion of previously monocottura products to porcelain. The conversion to total porcelain production is part of Florim USA's strategy to maximize its resources, product development and manufacturing capabilities. The porcelain conversion also is foundational to the company's commitment to the advancement of its product designs and quality. In a letter to customers, Mike Rohner, Exec. V.P. stated the following: "We are committed to being a world-class tile manufacturer, offering upscale products of advanced quality and design. This conversion to porcelain is a very real and tangible way to live up to our commitment. By focusing on porcelain, we are honing our capabilities, maximizing our resources and leading the way in quality and design."

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