Florim Unveils New Marketing Initiatives

Clarksville, TN, April 27, 2007--Florim, previously known as Florim USA, is launching sweeping new marketing strategies, starting with the company’s name modification and the full re-branding of its Esquire and AFI (formerly American Florim) brands.

Florim’s progressive changes, developed over many months of research and planning, reflect the ongoing

corporate investment in and commitment to the U.S./North American marketplace. The dropping of USA

from the corporate name denotes the company’s heightened, synergistic association with parent corporation The Florim Group of Italy. Florim is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Florim Group.


We are part of a respected company and a member of a renowned family of brands,states Florim

Executive V.P of Sales and Marketing Jim Dougherty. It’s time we make the most of this association, in our

name and in how we do business.


Both of Florim’s U.S. brands have undergone thorough image transformations to support their defined

personalities. From the launch of new product lines and the discontinuation of select past products to the

creation of new logos and the redesign of all marketing materials and merchandising, Esquire and AFI have experienced revolutionary alterations.


We are differentiating our brands, Dougherty states. Esquire and AFI have distinct images, and most

importantly, we are introducing carefully selected, Italian-designed products to fit each brands unique style.


Esquire is now defined as tradition with class. The new Esquire products are transitional in style blending tradition and innovation to create looks that are modern yet not trendy. Thus, the brand image of Esquire enhances this style.


The new logo is a sophisticated evolution of the brand’s former mark, interpreted in an opulent midnight-green tone. All supporting materials carry out this timeless brand image as well.


AFI (pronounced af-ee) is the new name of what was known as the American Florim’s brand. AFI is home to products deemed urban casual, and consequently, its new product introductions are contemporary, natural-look lines with wide appeal.


The angular new AFI logo and supporting materials incorporate a fresh blue and tan color combination to echo inspiration of the earth and sky.


Notably, the re-branding initiatives come in tandem with the introduction of numerous new, strategically designed product lines, all originating from Italian design through The Florim Group’ss team of experienced professionals. Florim’ss new products and branding were formally unveiled at the Coverings Trade Show in Chicago.


We are committed to supporting our two distinct brands, to bringing innovative products to the market place and to offering our distributors brand-enhancing marketing and merchandising materials, Dougherty summarizes. With the power and expertise of The Florim Group as our foundation, Florim has the advantage as a domestic manufacturer.

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