Engineered Floors Using Dye, Stain Technologies in Soft Nylon

Dalton, Ga., Jan. 16, 2015 – Dream Weaver Carpet and Engineered Floors say they are using technology they developed for coloring polyester fiber and applying it to soft nylon.

The companies have rolled out a line of carpet that uses PureColor Solution Dyed Soft Nylon fiber, in which the color goes all the way through the fiber and has built-in stain resistance.

It incorporates the same technology used in its PureColor Solution Dyed PET and PureColor PureSoft Cashmere Solution Dyed PET fibers.
“We see this as the future of nylon carpet,” said James Lesslie, assistant to the chairman at Engineered Floors.

“We are now extending our solution dyed manufacturing expertise to soft nylon fibers, but unlike the majority of nylon products currently on the market, ours has built-in stain resistance throughout the polymer. With stain resistance locked into the fiber, a consumer will never have to worry about the stain protection washing or wearing off.”
The company will introduce up to 12 products at Surfaces next week.

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