AVA by Novalis Announces Distribution in Canada by LSI Floors

Toronto, Ontario, June 22, 2017-LSI Floors, a leader in luxury vinyl tiles and planks for high performance applications in commercial, healthcare, retail and hospitality facilities, has been chosen by Novalis Innovative Flooring to be its distribution partner in Canada.

LSI Floors is based in Toronto, Ontario, and has offices in Hong Kong, New Zealand, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

“We are very pleased to have LSI Floors as the Canadian distributor for our AVA Commercial Specified LVT,” said John Wu, president and CEO of Novalis Innovative Flooring. “LSI carries only the highest quality flooring and our association with them represents that commitment.”

“Having a friendship with John Wu, president of Novalis, that spans many decades, it is now our privilege to represent AVA in Canada. Our two product lines complement each other in ways that allow us to expand our product range and our price points in this market,” observed Rick Moffatt, Creative Director and President of LSI Floors.

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