Armstrong's Homerwood Plant Gets FSC Certification

Lancaster, PA, Jan. 19--Armstrong's HomerWood Hardwood Flooring manufacturing plant in Titusville, Pa. has received Forest Stewardship Council Chain of Custody certification.

FSC provides third-party certification confirming that materials used are harvested from well-managed forest operations.

The lumber needed for FSC-certified flooring will come from numerous mills in the Appalachian region, many of which already supply lumber to HomerWood.

“The majority of the flooring we make has always originated from FSC-certified vendors,” said Kathleen Barker, vice president of operations for HomerWood.

FSC-certified hardwood flooring will be available for any current species within the HomerWood solid hardwood product line beginning March 1 and must be specified at time of order.

HomerWood was acquired by Armstrong in 2006.

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