Mercier Wood Flooring

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330 rue des Entrepreneurs
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The Mercier brand

With 13 wood species, 17 rich colors, and beautiful eco-friendly finishes, Mercier wood floors offer thousands of possibilities limited only by your imagination. For a natural, rustic, or more modern look, Mercier offers a vast selection of wood floors in a variety of colors, textures, widths, and finishes. Whether you opt for products from our Design+Program, Exotic, or Nature collecrions, Mercier lets you create a unique and authenic look that makes a perfect match for your home's decor.

Acting today for a better tomorrow

Mercier Wood Flooring's 200 employees work every day to minimize the company's ecological footprint, with a special focus on reducing waste and optimizing recycling. Mercier has also implemented rigorous traceability practices and responsible forest management in keeping with its commitment to acting now for the sake of future generations.