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Ctra. Alcora. Adra. La Torta. N 2Castellon, Spain, 12006
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Tau Ceramica is the brand that represents a great industrial project on coating and flooring ceramics.

Tau Ceramica is a company conceived to be integral and versatile thanks to the technology of its factories. The objective is to obtain ceramic products that are technically competitive in keeping with todays industry.

The premises of Tau are designed as integral pants that include a storehouse for material in storage bins, digitalized dosing, non-stop mixing, coloring, spray drying, pressing and decoration, firing and polishing. This kind of design of the premises makes them ready to adapt to every new technique that may come up in the ceramic production world and so fulfill every desirable feature for the most ultimate projects in facade architecture, town planning or interior design.

Tau Ceramica is the brand with the widest range of ceramic products, regarding the type, the format and the finish.

Tau products are ceramic coating, ceramic flooring, porcelain tiles and some special decorative ceramic tiles. And the choice of finishes for Tau products can be: natural, matt, gloss, satin, rustic, shine, rectified or polish.

The remarkable Tau's ceramic asset includes the folowing designs and collections:

-Tau Marco formats, the way to a large ceramic, an esthetical big change.

-Tau fine, a ceramic concept and involves subtle fineness and great resistance.

-Tau eco tile, a product supported by the recycling process and the environmental sustainability values.

-S3 (Smart Surface Systems)-Tau: The division of the TAU Group that specializes in providing innovative solutions for coating surfaces in architecture and urbanism. Developments of building systems that satisfy the needs and improve the quality of life of a society increasingly demanding and dynamic.

The above mentioned features boosted Tau into a central position into the historic evolution of world's ceramics.

That is how tau life is. Be always tau.