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1879 Commerce Park EastLancaster, PA 17601
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Capri Cork offers commercial floor coverings made with renewable and/or recycled materials.

As the company name implies, Capri offers great cork collections: the Mediterra and Eco-Clicks collections. The Mediterra Collection (glue down tiles), comprised of predominately homogeneous patterns/colors, comes pre-finished with three coats of commercial grade polyurethane finish and an anti-curl back coating. Capri's Eco-Clicks Collection (glueless floating floor) includes both veneer and homogenous patterns. With significant US cork inventory, Capri has many shades/patterns of cork readily available.

Capri also offers recycled rubber and rubber cork collections. Capri's Re-Tire recycled rubber collection is available in rolls or tiles and thicknesses from 3.2 to 12 mm. With 43 standard colors, Re-Tire includes 10 colors made with the addition of pre-consumer cork content.

Capri has two rubber cork collections: Cor-Terra and AND/OR. Cor-Terra with 25 colors is offered in 18" x 18" x2.5 mm tiles. The AND/OR collection, designed for floor and/or wall application, is made with 34.9% pre-consumer recycled content. AND/OR's standard thickness is 3.2 mm and is available in 4' rolls and 2'X2' tiles. New from Capri in 2009 is CapriBase which is rubber base made with 50% recycled content and available in 15 standard colors.

All of the Capri cork collections offer high quality materials and craftsmanship with great designs and innovative colors. All Capri products contribute to LEED credits.