Formica Flooring

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Formica FlooringWebsite
810 Technology Dr.Barnwell, SC 29812
Phone: 800-777-5145



It’s no secret that women buy brands they know and trust, like Formica® Flooring, a powerful brand name that belongs exclusively to the specialty retailer. What you might not know is that Formica Flooring has a 92% brand awareness rating and 78% purchase intent among consumers. With numbers like these, we can help you close more sales and generate more margin.

If you are a specialty retailer looking to increase sales and profits by selling well-known brands that can’t be purchased at the big boxes or on the Internet, look no further. Formica Flooring offers you a competitive advantage over Internet and big box sales, while reducing your dependency on low price as your selling strategy.

Formica Flooring has created a stylish line of premium laminate floors to define your customer’s home with freshness and originality. We offer several unique laminate flooring collections with a total of nearly 60 product SKUs