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3391 Town Point DriveKennesaw, GA 30144
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Performance With a dual hemispheres approach, Ultron combines the strength of science and the beauty of art to create the world's most advanced synthetic fiber, nylon 6,6. Ultron sets the standard for commercial interiors and is the designers first choice for style and performance. Color Solutia has been known as the "Color Authority" for many years. Through decades of research and development, Solutia has learned the art and science of merging beautiful aesthetics with state of the art fiber technology. Along the way we've learned a thing or two about color . . . we've learned the art and science of identifying color and design trends and translating our knowledge into product. Ultron nylon 6,6 is chemically engineered for superior performance and outstanding dyeability, providing color choices that are unsurpassed in the contract industry. More richness. More brilliance. More saturation. More options than ever before. Doc The Doc Competition was established in 1988 as a means to recognize outstanding achievement in contract design. The Doc Competition has become one of the architecture and design community’s premier benchmarks of success, attained by only the top professionals. Conducted annually by an independent jury, the competition honors superior achievement in contract projects that orchestrate color, space, form, function and materials with consummate finesse. In addition to honoring project design, the competition also honors carpet mills for outstanding achievement in product design. Carpet products are judged based on originality of design, overall aesthetic, pricing and usability in the contract environment.