WSJ Lists Vinyl Flooring as #13 on List of Tariffed Consumer Prod.

New York, NY, July 18, 2018-Vinyl flooring was included as one of the top 20 products imported from China in 2017, in an article entitled, “From Seafood to Mattresses: How the Latest Tariffs Would Affect U.S. Businesses” by the Wall Street Journal.

According to the article, vinyl flooring, in the 13th spot, accounted for $1.78 billion in import value and the top 20 products cumulatively listed accounted for $75 billion in import value.

“The White House on Tuesday said it was weighing imposing tariffs on a further $200 billion in Chinese products, a move that could expose $250 billion of Chinese goods to U.S. import taxes,” the article reports. “President Donald Trump has said he is ready to assess tariffs on yet another $200 billion in merchandise-or nearly all the $505 billion in exports China sends to the U.S.

“While some businesses have supported the tariffs, many have said they would hurt their profits or lead to higher prices for customers. The White House says China represents a fundamental threat to the U.S. that needs to be countered, even at the cost of pain to the U.S. economy.”