Välinge Partners w/ Ping Pong Champ to Launch Hardwood in Asia

Viken, Sweden, March 22, 2021-Välinge Flooring team up with Swedish table-tennis legend J-O Waldner to launch a real wood floor to the Asian market.

The new Välinge Flooring ‘Hardened Wood Floors’ will launch in Asia during Q1.

With a career spanning four decades and including gold medals at the Olympics, World Championship, World Cup, and European Championships, J-O Waldner is recognised as one of the greatest table-tennis players of all time. Affectionately known as Cháng Qīng Shù - The Evergreen Tree - in China, J-O Waldner is a perfect match for Välinge Flooring's real wood floor collection that is built to last and with a strong emphasis on sustainability.