Välinge Flooring Hardened Wood Floors Earns Greenguard Gold

Viken, Sweden, June 14, 2021-Välinge Flooring Hardened Wood Floors featuring Woodura surface technology have achieved Greenguard Gold certification-the highest Greenguard product rating.

Greenguard Gold certified products are required to meet stringent industry standards and emission limits for indoor use, meaning Välinge Flooring Greenguard Gold Certified Hardened Wood floors do not emit significant chemical compounds into the air.

On top of limiting emissions of more than 360 volatile organic compounds (VOC) and total chemical emissions, Välinge Flooring Hardened Wood Floors now also comply with requirements of the state of California Department of Public Health Standard Method for the Testing and Evaluation of Volatile Organic Chemical Emissions from Indoor Sources Using Environmental Chambers, also known as California Section 01350.

Hardened Wood Floor’s was previously been awarded an FSC certification, and with Woodura offering a significantly more sustainable use of lumber that increases the production yield ten-fold compared to standard wood flooring -while recycling all waste back into the manufacturing process.