Välinge Announces New Liteback Licensee

Viken, Sweden, June 18, 2021-Välinge Innovation has announced a new licensee for its Liteback technology. Jiangsu Success Wood Products, better known as Pridon, has signed a global non-exclusive license agreement for the use of both Liteback and Välinge’s 5G locking systems, including 5G-i Push Down and 5G Fold Down.

Liteback technology inserts milled grooves into the floor’s core, creating a lighter product and allowing for 20% of raw materials to be reused in the production process, according to the company. In a statement, the company said, “The weight and sustainability savings cause a ripple effect for the whole supply chain, optimising the number of transportations, freight costs, required storage space, and delivery and installation efficiency.”

Jiangsu Success Wood Products, which specializes in resilient and laminate flooring, exports to the U.S., Canada, and Europe under the Pridon Flooring brand. It has agreed to develop Liteback and 5G floor locking solutions in its product portfolio.