Välinge and Meisterwerke Form Partnership for 5G Dry

Viken, Sweden, April 11, 2024-Välinge Innovation's first European 5G Dry licensee, German flooring manufacturer Meisterwerke, has launched a collection of laminate floors with leakproof seams.

5G Dry is Välinge's leakproof installation system. Developed to meet market demand for high-performance floors that are easy to install. The technology has a waterproof joint that prevents liquids from seeping through the seams of the floor panels, minimizing the risk of damage to both panels and the subfloor. 5G Dry gives all products a high level of waterproofing without needing to add coating or chemicals, either in production or on the finished product.

Meisterwerke is a 70-year-old German, family-owned production company that goes to market under the Meister brand.