Virginia-Based Flooring Team Tells Story of On-Site Shooting

Virginia Beach, VA, October 30, 2023-The Floor Doctor of Virginia Beach, Virginia reached out to local news station WAVY after their team was involved in an incident that escalated to a shooting on October 13.

“The team was installing a hardwood floor inside a second floor condo on Pillar Court when a woman in the condo below started complaining about the noise. She called police around 8:30 in the morning.

“‘When the police got there they told the lady they were not going to stop them from working because ‘it’s not 6 a.m., it’s not 8 p.m. They’re here to make an honest living, we’re going to let them continue to work,'’ said the man who oversees The Floor Doctor.

“Officers left and the crew continued their job.

“’She came up there after the police left and she said don’t worry I’m calling somebody else,’ the man stated.

“The owner tells us an hour later a man appeared and started beating up one of his guys.

“‘My guy went to put him in a headlock, and the suspect pulled out a gun,’ the man explained.

“He told 10 On Your Side his team tried wrestling the gun out of the man’s hand with no luck. That’s when one contractor pulled his own gun in self-defense.

“‘He forewarned the gentleman, please drop your gun, please drop your gun,’ the man said, recalling the situation.

“The man didn’t drop the gun and the contractor fired. The crew called for help and stayed on scene. Police say two men were detained for questioning and were later released. No charges were filed. However, the owner of The Floor Doctor wants the woman who brought upon the whole situation to be held responsible.

“‘If the lady never would have called for them to come out, none of this would have ever happened, and I truly believe charges should be filed on her,’ the man said. ‘One of my guys is having problems sleeping and he’s a grown man. When you have to go through that and you have to determine if it’s your life or their life, why am I in this situation and then you have to shoot somebody, it’s a lot on my guys. I feel so bad for them.’

“At last check the man who was shot remains in critical condition. Police are still investigating.”