Vinnie Virga Jr. Promoted to VP of Floors & More

Auburn, MA, March 10, 2021-Vinnie Virga Jr. has been promoted to the role of vice president for Floors & More. In this role, he will oversee day to day operations at our corporate offices in Auburn, Massachusetts, including leading franchisee and member support team, new member/franchisee recruiting efforts, vendor relations and managing the digital marketing team.

Vin Virga, Sr., CEO said that Jr.’s experience positions him well positioned for the change in role. That experience includes having worked in retail doing accounting, sales, and as the regional manager of a five store Floor To Ceiling chain. That combined with Jr.’s member services and recruiting experience in his former role as director of membership, along with his engagement with all departments at Floors & More. Vinnie Virga Jr. is uniquely qualified to help members, franchisees, vendors and our corporate staff grow and have even more success in 2021.