Veterans Affairs Adopts Install Specification for Resilient Sheet

Glassboro, NJ, May 15, 2019--The United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), one of the largest sources of construction jobs in the country, has adopted a fourth Install specification into its Master Construction Specifications. 

The addition of Resilient Sheet Flooring (SECTION 09 65 16) underscores the VA’s determination that only a flooring contractor who employs an Install certified workforce or equal is qualified enough to perform work for the organization, the single largest government employer in the United States. 

Upholding more than 300 Master Construction Specifications for new projects, the VA strives for the highest level of industry standards. The organization first adopted Install certification standards in 2015 when it added specification requirements for the installation of carpeting, resilient tile flooring and athletic carpeting. This effectively directed that every job involving these floorcovering materials must be completed by an Install certified installer or equal. With the addition of resilient sheet flooring, the specification list grows to four of the most popular floorcovering materials in healthcare. The newly adopted VA Master Specifications language also requires potential installers to complete a mockup of each installation, verifying selections made under sample submittals. The mockup is also used to demonstrate aesthetic effects and set quality standards for materials and execution.