Varden Forms New Non-Profit Aimed at Solving Installation Crisis

Rockwall, TX, November 8, 2022- Veteran installer and installation trainer Robert Varden has formed the International Floor Covering Training Alliance non-profit, called Unite, with his own funding and vision.

After spending his career on the installation side of the flooring business, Varden determined that, “The installation crisis is bigger than one company or non-profit. We need a stronger, united voice. I call it ‘UNITE’ because that’s what we do.” 

UNITE doesn’t ask any training or scholarship company to give up its autonomy. On the contrary, explains Varden, “Each has a specialty or mission, from training wood installation or tile installation, or scholarships for deserving students. What we will do at UNITE is stimulate the collaboration, build bridges of cooperation, and outreach to high school seniors with one voice about the potential and rewards of pursuing a career as a trained, qualified professional flooring installer.”

UNITE will also engage with manufacturers, partnering with them to pursue the use of trained professionals, with either warranties or extended warranties. “Our goal is to have warranties and specifications where certified installers are written into the coverage as a requirement,” says Varden.

UNITE will announce its board of directors soon and will begin meeting with each training entity to begin collaboration.