U.S. Markets with Largest Hotel Construct. Pipelines in 2018

Portsmouth, NH, May 4, 2018-For 2018, the five U.S. markets with the largest hotel construction pipelines by project count are New York with 169 projects/29,641 rooms, Dallas with 159 projects/19,149 rooms, Houston with 148 projects/16,158 rooms, Nashville 119 projects/15,992 rooms and Los Angeles, which has 115 projects/17,155 rooms in its pipeline.

The top market in the U.S. by Census growth rate for 2018 is Nashville, which is expected to grow its Census by 8.8% if all 27 projects/3,703 rooms of expected openings occur by the end of the year. Following is New York with a 7.3% growth rate for opening 50 projects/8,437 rooms and Seattle with 6.3% growth if the anticipated 20 projects/2,890 rooms open.