US Leads Global Markets In Hotel Construction Projects

Portsmouth, NH, June 20, 2018-According to the global construction pipeline trend report, which compiles the construction pipeline for every country and market in the world, The Americas lead with 6,268 projects/800,298 rooms, Asia Pacific with 4,205 projects/907,867 rooms and EMEA with 2,241 projects/430,837 rooms.

The top countries by project count are the United States with 5,255 projects/636,274 rooms and China with 2,481 projects/546,424 rooms. The U.S. accounts for 41% of the projects in the global pipeline while China accounts for 20%, resulting in 61% of the global pipeline being concentrated in just these two countries. 

The cities with the largest pipeline project counts are: New York with 169 projects/29,641 rooms, Dubai with 161 projects/ 46,420 rooms, Dallas with 159 projects/19,149 rooms, Houston with 148 projects/16,158 rooms, and Shanghai 129 projects/25,750 rooms.

Trend Report courtesy of Lodging Econometrics.