Delaware Court Rules on Välinge/Halstead Patent Case

Wilmington, DE, May 11, 2018-I4F has shared details relating to a decision on Välinge’s asserted Mannington patents in the U.S. The United States Court for the District of Delaware ruled that four Mannington patents from Välinge are invalid in the U.S., with immediate effect, while Välinge notes that five of the patents-in-suit covering key innovations in LVT/WPC/SPC flooring continue to be asserted against Home Depot’s and Halstead’s importation and sale of infringing products. The court made the ruling in a case brought by Välinge alleging infringement against Halstead and Home Depot.

The court specifically determined that the phrase “not susceptible to damage caused by moisture,” which appears in every independent claim of the involved Mannington patents is indefinite. Consequently, each claim of every asserted Mannington patents is now invalid in the United States, regardless of the claim construction (also called “Markman” in the U.S.) outcome on the other contested claim terms. The decision effectively prevents Välinge from enforcing these now invalidated Mannington patents in the U.S.

Other than in the Mannington patents, the parties disputed only four other claim terms, where two disputes were decided in favor of Halstead and Home Depot. Välinge will have the opportunity to appeal. In the meantime, the Mannington patents are invalid with immediate effect and are expected to remain invalid, even after appeal.

Additionally, in Europe, I4F has filed a nullity action based on prior art in Germany against Mannington patent EP’665, a European patent in the invalidated U.S. Mannington patent family.

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