Universal Fibers Introduces High Bulk | Low Weight

Bristol, VA, April 9, 2024-Universal Fibers has announced a new fiber technology: High Bulk | Low Weight.

Years of research and development have culminated in High Bulk | Low Weight, a proprietary finishing capability that merges technical prowess with technology. This innovation introduces a highly bulked fiber with voluminous coverage at significantly lower weights than the industry average, setting a new standard for luxurious texture and aesthetic appeal.

Beyond its visual appeal, High Bulk | Low Weight technology presents a multitude of advantages. By requiring approximately 20% less fiber per square meter, it delivers substantial cost savings and reduces environmental impact. Furthermore, its lower energy consumption during production translates to decreased CO2 emissions, aligning with sustainability goals. 

As Universal Fibers® continues to pioneer innovation in the interior design industry, High Bulk | Low Weight technology stands as a testament to the company's unwavering commitment to excellence, sustainability, and customer satisfaction.