Universal Fibers Introduces Carbon Negative Fiber

Bristol, VA, June 22, 2021-Global fiber manufacturer Universal Fibers has announced Thrive matter, a nylon fiber whose end-to-end production will actually remove carbon from the earth’s atmosphere. 

To create this fiber, the process begins with 100% post-industrial recycled resin which results in a total of 90% recycled content. Then, over 99.9% of the waste in production is captured and fed back into the manufacturing process. What results is the world’s lowest product to CO2 footprint in the industry at 1.5kg CO2 eq as compared to 9.6kg CO2 eq for virgin materials (based on Nylon 6).  This already low number is brought below zero by purchasing credits through Carbonfund.org to support their forest conservation and reforestation projects around the world. 

Thrive matter is independently third party certified by GreenCircle and Carbonfund.org and is available in all of Universal Fibers’ solution-dyed nylon finishes globally, in both Nylon 6 and Nylon 6,6.