Unilin to Introduce New Fold-Down Locking Profile at Domotex '20

Wielsbeke, Belgium, January 8, 2020-At the Domotex 2020 show in Hannover, Unilin division Technologies will be introducing a brand-new fold-down locking profile to the market.

This new fold-down locking technology called Unidrop is the first one-piece fold-down system that can be disassembled by angling-out.

Unidrop can create tight seams, and the active locking incorporated in Unidrop produces a joint with excellent vertical load bearing capacity and horizontal tensile strength, no matter the material-SPC, WPC or laminate flooring.

Unidrop technology can easily be integrated into existing milling machines and is designed to be machined even with generous milling tolerances. The short profile geometry minimizes material waste, leading to an efficient use of the top surface of the boards. There is no need for any type of inserts, nor for small diameter tools. 

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