Unilin Files Complaint Against Vilox

Waregem, Belgium, January 25, 2024-Unilin Technologies has filed a complaint in the East Texas District court on January 24 against Vilox, Amy Group and East Texas Floors. The legal action was taken to address the alleged infringement of several claims of multiple US patents within Unilin’s extensive SPC patent portfolio. 

Unilin’s SPC/LVT patent portfolio currently contains 120 granted U.S. patents and 45 U.S. patent applications, protecting different technological aspects integral to the success of SPC technology. These patented innovations include, for example, the extrusion and lamination process during manufacturing, density and rigidity parameters of the core boards, different locking systems, foaming technology, and more. 

The Texas district court case follows Unilin’s successful 2019 International Trade Commission (ITC) case, which resulted in obtaining a General Exclusion Order based on three of the 120 above-mentioned patents in the portfolio. Unilin’s decision to file the new Texas case is based on two other U.S. patents of the extensive portfolio that were thus not included in the 2019 ITC case.  Unilin also continues to evaluate other infringements and expects to bring additional infringement claims in the coming weeks or months.  

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